You’re 30s and getting wrinkles? It’s premature aging – This is for you!

Description about premature aging

What is aging?

From the biological point of view, aging is the physiological and structural variability in the body that starts declining over time. Mostly, this declination process may start during the middle age when the body’s functioning reaches a peak limit, but there is no specific limitation of the time of its commencement as various other factors determine it including the external and internal factors. These external and internal factors not only play role in the susceptibility to death but limit the normal body functions and they lead to the onset of various diseases.

These changes in the body are accomplished by the change in body appearance. This is followed by a decrease in metabolic rate, loss of the body weight, loss of height, decrease in vision, olfaction, decrease in immunity, endocrine and exocrine changes, abnormality in the kidney, heart, liver, lungs functioning and leads to diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular infection (heart attack), arthritis, rickets, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), because of aging the rapid acceleration of cancer in the upcoming decades is expected. The annual increase in the number of cancer cases is projected to rise to 17 million in 2020 and reach 27 million in 2030. A growing proportion of these cases can be found in less developed countries

Causes of early or premature aging

We are familiar with the fact that smoking is too risky for health to cause several diseases. Cancer is one of the leading causes of smoking. The skin needs a sufficient amount of collagen, elastin and oxygen to look healthy. Wrinkles appear on the face as a result of smoking followed by the fine lines around the mouth. Besides this, smoking also leads to teeth colouration, high blood pressure, lungs diseases and poor muscle tone, which ultimately result in the onset of premature aging.

Too much exposure to the sun rays is also damaging as the UV radiations from the sun result in age spot formation and other forms of de-coloration and the skin becomes wrinkled and leathery in appearance. Spending too much time in a cold environment is also risky as the skin becomes wrinkled and thin.

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Improper diet is also one of the major contributors to the aging process. A diet full of sugar, cholesterol, and excessive dairy products produces inflammation in the body that results in premature aging. Being too thin or too heavy also adds to the process of aging. Underweight people are likely to be suffered from problems like anaemia, osteoporosis, and poor skin, hair and teeth health. Similarly, obesity leads to several chronic health problems resulting in high blood pressure, arthritis, kidney and reproductive problems and even cancer.

Lack of proper exercise is also one of the leading causes of aging in various body parts losing their normal functioning reducing muscle mass, strength and flexibility. Stress is also one of the causes of aging. Under normal circumstances, the stress hormone is released that provides energy and short term focus but in high-stress conditions, the stress hormone is released higher in concentration and causes diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases and loss of immune function

Tips to delay aging

Maintain a proper diet. Use health beneficial diet like vegetables, fruits, fibres, cereals, and lean proteins. Avoid smoking: avoiding smoking improves blood circulation in the body and improves blood pressure and also reduces the risk of developing cancer. Doing regular exercises maintain the body functioning properly, causing the flexibility and strength to the muscle, also enhancing the blood circulation throughout the body which is necessary for sound health.

Sleep improves memory and concentration, maintains the metabolic rate and reduces the risk of diseases. It is vital for the normal functioning of the body and contributes to retarding the aging process. Avoid stress, as mentioned earlier, stress is one of the leading causes of aging, so it needs to be avoided to enjoy good health and to delay the aging span. Avoid too much exposure to sunlight as the high energy radiations may affect the skin and cause premature aging. Avoid the anti-aging medicines and other related processes as their side effects cause many other complications which ultimately play role in the onset of aging.

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