Pink and glossy lip scrub at home

Pink and glossy lip scrub at home

I have come up with an amazing homemade scrub that you can use for your lips to make them soft and plumb. This lip scrub is a great way to get your lips looking glossy and pink. It is made with ingredients that will help to remove any dry skin or dead skin cells from your lips, and that will make them soft, smooth, and pink.


  • Potato
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Beetroot


  1. First up we need a washed potato and cut it in the middle slice.
  2. Add some honey to the slice of the potato. It behaves as an anti-bacterial.
  3. Then dip this honey-layered potato in the sugar.
  4. Wet it a little bit and rub it on your lips.
  5. Apply rubbing for good five minutes, and clean it off with the tissue paper.

Now move on to lip balm:

We will be needing a beetroot for lip balm. Because it helps to bring new skin

  1. Peel it off and grate it. And extract 2 to 3 tbsp juice.
  2. Then add 1 teaspoon spoon of Aloe vera.
  3. Then add 1 tbs of glycerine.
  4. Petroleum jelly on a thigh spoon.
  5. Coconut oil half tbsp.
  6. Mix all the ingredients together and apply it right after scrubbing your lips.

This lip scrub will give your lips a glossy and pink look. It will also help to remove any dry skin or dead skin cells from your lips which will make them look smoother. Try this remedy at home and let us know about the results in the comment section below. I’ll be waiting. Thanks

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