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How to permanently remove facial hair

There are multiple ways to remove facial hair. Some suites some but not all. Some ways are very harmful to the skin but still, people are doing it. I have brought up the safest ways for permanent hair removal facial which not only removes hair but permanently removes hair from your face. The most common and effective method is this remedy that is made up of Water and Potash alum. But in this remedy, you have to be patient and consistent throughout the process.


  • Water
  • Potash alum


  • Take a small bowl and add water of almost 2 tbsp.
  • Then add potash alum and leave it overnight.
  • Now rub this mixture on the parts where more hair is present.

Keep doing this every so often. You can use it on your face 3 times a day. This will gradually decrease the hair growth and ultimately your hair will be removed permanently. This is the safest and most long-lasting method of removing your facial hair. The laser can also be helpful but still, you have to move to the fancy side and more money will be wasted.

Potash alum is not harmful to the body. It is a very good ingredient that not only reduces hair growth but also deals with the issues of excessive sweating in the hand and feet. The benefits of using potash alum to remove hair permanently are that it is safe, easy to use, and affordable. It is also effective in removing all types of hair, including facial hair.

There are many benefits of this remedy to properly removing facial hair. Not only does this make your appearance more attractive, but it can also improve your hygiene and overall health. If you want to permanently remove facial hair, so you must need to apply this remedy.  Try using this remedy and let us know about the results in the comment section.

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