The Ordinary multi-peptide serum for hair growth and density

The Ordinary multi-peptide serum for hair growth and density

Today’s video is all about the ordinary multi-peptide serum density. It is a review of this serum which has been used for over 4 months. I’ll be telling you how to use this serum and what ingredients it contains. The Ordinary multi-peptide serum for hair growth and density is a new product from The Ordinary that claims to be the best hair growth serum on the market.

You can apply the Ordinary multi-peptide serum to your hair every day. This is a scalp treatment that is designed to support hair health so that your hair looks thicker, fuller, and just healthy. It has a pretty water consistency.


  • Peptides
  • Castor oil
  • Caffeine


It is recommended to apply a few drops or as needed. Its use once daily at bedtime is ideal to clean your dry scalp and then you are going to massage your scalp thoroughly. You are not supposed to wash it after application because this is a living treatment. As it has water consistency, hence it does not oil your hair.

I have been using it in two ways

  1. During the week I apply as directed on the product that is at bedtime. My focus used to be on the hairline, temple, and back of the head. Then I massage it for good 5 minutes. And comb my hair with a bamboo brush.
  2. The second way is to use it after washing hair. I used to wait for 20 minutes so that my hair and scalp become damp. A full pump of the serum was used all over my scalp evenly.

I had a very amazing experience using ordinary multi-peptide serum and it gave me great results. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my hair has grown a lot and become healthier, denser, and shiny by the time I used it. especially on the front! This is a great serum if you want to see faster hair growth. You can also give it a try and share with us your reviews.

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