Benefits of onion oil

Benefits of onion oil

Onion oil has been the most astounding source of hair growth. It has the tendency to increase blood circulation by gently massaging it into your scalp. It imparts adequate conditioning to the hair. Onion is a rich source of sulfur which is the basic component of keratin protein, which in turn is responsible for strong hair growth.

How it works:

Onion oil activates enzymes present in our scalp. These enzymes optimize the hair growth cycle. Our fast hair growth and inhabitation of hair fall, all come under the enzyme activity. Hence regulation of enzymes can be achieved by the successive use of onion hair oil. Hydrogen peroxide is responsible for the greying of your hair. Onion oil has an enzyme (catalyze) that can retard the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the roots, and inhabit the hair to turn grey.


  •  It prevents splintering and thinning of hair.
  • Optimum hair growth period
  • Retard early greying of hair
  • Optimizes pH level of the scalp
  • Enhance hair texture
  • Invades bacterial and fungal infections
  • Helps nourish and condition the hair

You need to consider some points before using the hair oil.

  • Onion oil has a pungent smell and can cause allergies in some people as well. Hence use some kind of fragrance in the oil to avoid the smell of the onion.
  • The sensitive scalp should avoid using this oil for a longer period. Apply its max 3-4 hours in this regard.
  • This can only be used once or twice a week. If used beyond this limit, the high sulfur quantity in oil can sensitive your enzyme activity and ultimately, your hair cycle can be disturbed.

To wrap-up

Onion oil helps improve the appearance of hair and promotes hair growth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the risk of hair loss, dandruff, and other scalp conditions. Additionally, onion oil is a natural preservative and can help keep your hair looking healthy for longer. If you are looking to improve the condition of your hair, then adding onion oil to your regimen is a great way to do so. Thanks for reading!

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