One product and countless hacks? Try Vaseline

One product and countless hacks? Try Vaseline

Vaseline is an amazing entity that most of us use on daily basis. Hence I thought of sharing some astonishing and everyday uses of this petroleum jelly with you. Which will resolve many of your basic skincare and hair care problems and questions.

Tip 1:

Use Vaseline on eye sockets. Your face has various sebaceous glands. Which secrets oil. While around the yes there are no glands hence we need to hydrate eye socket are abought ourself. So, apply Vaseline around your eyes at night and massage with your middle finger.

Tip 2:

Darker body parts like elbows, knuckles, and ankles should be moisturized by applying Vaseline to them. This will lock the moisture and will make them look brighter.

Tip 3:

For smoother, and plump lips. Apply Vaseline on your lips at night daily. 

Tip 4:

For eyelashes and brows, if they look thin, apply Vaseline on them overnight. This will make your eyebrows and lashes look thicker and clean.

Tip 5:

DIY mascara can be made by the use of Vaseline. Take a spooky and dip it in Vaseline. Then apply it to your eyelashes. It will give voluminous look to your lashes and you don’t have to use mascara and ruin your lashes.

Tip 6:

Cracked heels can also be cured by using Vaseline. It contains a high level of moisture. And heels are cracked because of lack of moisture and by being dried. Hence apply Vaseline and cure your cracked heels problem as well.

Tip 7:

Cuticle remover or softener. The skin around our nails gets dry sometimes, which can hurt your cuticle. You can solve this problem by gently massaging Vaseline on the cuticle.

Tip 8:

Vaseline can also help in removing makeup. If you haven’t stocked up on make-up remover. You don’t have to worry about,]. Take a small portion of Vaseline on the cotton pad and remove your makeup by this.

So that’s about it! I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Let us know which hack did you like the most in the comment below.

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