Lighten your skin with homemade bleach

Lighten your skin with homemade bleach

There are several types of bleaches. Some of them are chemical, some are organic. As promoting organic products, let’s make organic bleach. You might have seen so many bleaches which contain herbal things. But today, the remedy which I’m going to share with you is very easy and can be made by simply using kitchen items. One ingredient and your whole homemade facial will be done with it.


  • Honey
  • Flour
  • Potato
  • Egg yolk


  1. Take one or two potatoes and peel them off. Do not waste off the peels.
  2. Grate it and squeeze it to extract the juice.
  3. Leave it in a bowl for half an hour.
  4. The mixture will become thick and juice will come on top.
  5. Decent off the juice, you will see a thick paste at the bottom of the bowl.
  6. This will act as bleach. Which will cure anti-aging and wrinkles on your face.
  7. Now add 1 tbsp of honey to the paste.
  8. Then add 1 tbsp of lemon juice if it suits you.
  9. Or use egg yolk if lemon juice hurts your skin.
  10. Then add 1 tbsp of flour.

Apply this homemade organic bleach to your clear face. You can apply it anytime. This mask will boost your skin complexion. Your skin wrinkles will be cured. Try using it and let us know about the results in the comment section. Thanks.

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