Gua sha review and benefits for glowing skin

Gua sha review and benefits for glowing skin

What is Gua sha?

Gua sha, also written as Gua Shaw, is an ancient Chinese practice that comes from traditional Chinese medicines where you are taking a small, flat smooth tool. You need to scrape it along the face or the body to relieve muscle tension, and pain and also help reduce puffiness. So, it is not a new invention, instead a long time ago Chinese have been practicing this tool for the plump, and glowy finish of their face look. 

It’s been around for centuries and gua sha is making its way into western culture. It has a huge hype on social media these days because of its ability to reduce puffiness. It helps in working out the facial muscles.


  • Help relieve pain and tension in muscle
  • Reduce puffiness
  • It gives your skin a radiant glow
  • Removes tension  in neck

It also helps cure the inflammation in your body. Our bodies store a lot of stagnant energy which gua sha review tend to address. The stagnant energy is responsible for the swelling. Rubbing of gua sha tool on your body is thought to help break up this energy and dissipate it to several areas of your body, which in turn reduces the inflammation.

Where it doesn’t work:

Gua Shaw does not work for cellulite; which is the stretch marks on your body because it’s not going to help you recirculate your body fat cell. It will not help you to reduce melasma or pigmentation because Gua sha review does not break down the melanin cells in your body. This practice will help move the fluid evenly in your body; wherever you use it.

Does it have side effects:

Avery is safe to use. It will cause no harm or pain unless you use it in the right direction. Never put too much pressure on your face. Always move upward while scrapping your face. Hence right practice causes no harm in any way in any technique!

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