Tips to grow hair faster in 6 weeks

Tips to grow hair faster in 6 weeks

Hye guys! Today I’m going to share with you my habit of growing hair fast in just 6 weeks. I do apply remedies and products on my hair but sometimes when I’m done using all kinds of stuff on my face. I thought of decluttering my hair care routine. I feel like if we take care of our skin, hair, and body. We do not need that kind of product and remedies for us. Remedies do help us only then when we do not care for our hair skin or body for quite a long time. For hair, I have come up with some amazing tips which can get you shook with its results.

Tip no. 1: Oiling once a week

Oil your hair once a week. Oil is very necessary for your hair growth. Just like our body needs food to get energy, our car needs fuel to work. Same our hair needs oil for its growth and nourishment. But never overdo it. Only oil once a week. When you have too much oil in your hair. Your hair kind of suffocate for the oxygen that they need. Also never leave the oil in your hair overnight. Our hair needs the most oxygen at night.

Tip no. 2: sulfate-free products

Always try to use shampoo, hair conditioner, or any other hair products which are sulfate free. Sulfate is a slow-damaging product. It slowly affects your hair texture and much more. Hence always check for sulfate-less products when go for buying hair products.

Tip no. 3: move to a wooden comb

Try using a wooden comb instead of plastic combs or hair brushes. Hair brushes do help in circulating your head blood. But wooden comb does wonder. Comb help in detangling the hair easily. Hair brushes sometimes end up pilling off so much hair and cause extreme hair fall.

Tip no 4: hair mask once a week

A hair mask gives your hair the protein and oils it needs. Hence try to use a hair mask only once a week.

Tip no 5: use hair serums:

Hair serums contain what our hair needs the most. Serums contain a balanced amount of oils and ingredients. Hence always use serums after taking shower.

Try these amazing hacks or tips and thank me later. You won’t need any kind of hair keratin or protein treatments if you follow these tips best. Thanks

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