Do you want to get smart without dieting? Try this

Do you want to get smart without dieting? Try this

I have seen so many people struggling with losing weight. They completely cut themselves self-off from eating. Refusing to eat is not going to help you in any way. Diet doesn’t mean that you stop eating. It is actually a habit in which you eat in portions and eat that particular quantity of food that your body needs. Casually we sometimes eat too much without thinking of the consequences. And we don’t do any workout after eating.

Overeating is a thing that one should prohibit. Eat in portions. If you used to eat white bread in the morning. Try eating brown bread instead. Or take a boiled egg daily if it suits you.

Secondly, never sit down after eating, but also never start working out right after eating. Work out at least half an hour after eating. Working out right after eating can cause you heart failure. Because the pressure of food goes upward and this might get you a heart attack.

Never go to sleep right after eating. At least eat 2; or 3 hours before going to bed. Because your body consumes all the food in the night time which becomes fat and makes you give obese.

Never suffocate your cravings. If you cr5ave to eat pizza. Eat it but eat it ethically. Take only 2 or 3 bites of pizza just to satisfy your craving. But not to make your belly full.

Try eating green vegetables. Like, make salads. Try adding some flavourful things in it which make salad scrumptious not a medicine.

Always check the calories of everything just to track your diet.  rice and potatoes are the most fattening food. Try avoiding this food. But not entirely. Have a cheat day in between and give your body what it uses to eat before dieting. Because if you be strict with the diet you might end up being weak instead of being smart.

The purpose of the diet is to become healthy, not weak. Hence try out all the above-mentioned steps in your diet and you will be much happier to do your diet this time.

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