DIY hyaluronic acid hair mask

DIY hyaluronic acid Hair mask

DIY hyaluronic acid | Glowing Skin Products (GSP) | In a time, when everyone is so concerned about their skin issues and health. People are blindly following remedies, prescriptions of medicines, consulting dermatologists and whatnot. One thing that I want to mention here is that. You can get what you want by applying products and spending Hella money on the medications to achieve the glow of your face, but if you are not intaking a good and healthy diet nothing can give you results lifetime.

Apart from applying products externally, always make sure your nutrition and diet are healthy too.

Now let’s move on to the homemade DIY hyaluronic acid, which is not only good for your hair but also does wonders for your skin texture and glows. Hyaluronic acid is basically an alternative thing to collagen which our body can also produce. It makes your hair look healthier, shiny and strong.

Hence one should use oranges, green leaves vegetables, beetroot, almond, and fish in their diet. 

Now let’s move on to know how to make the hair mask.

  • In a bowl, take 200ml of aloe vera gel.
  • Half cup of green tea decoction.
  • 2 big tbs of glycerine
  • 2 –3 capsules of vitamin E or half tbs of vitamin oil
  • You can add an essential oil like tea tree oil. It’s optional.
  • Your hair mask is ready. Consistency is totally up to you.

Use it twice a week. This much quantity will be enough for one week if you are using it on the whole head (hair + scalp). Apply thoroughly on your head and cover it with a shower cap. Leave it for 45 min to 1 hour. Wash your hair with normal any kind of shampoo and see the results for yourself. Let me know how did it work for you in the comment section.

To wrap-up

The benefits of using a hyaluronic acid hair mask include improved shine and moisture retention in the hair shaft, which can lead to longer-lasting hair. Additionally, the chamomile extract can help to soothe and relax the scalp, while the hydrolyzed collagen helps to promote stronger hair strands. Whether you’re looking for a temporary solution to achieve thicker, more voluminous hair or you want to make permanent changes for optimal health and beauty, a hyaluronic acid hair mask is a great option! For more information on this product or others like it, please keep following glowing skin products (GSP) for more great tips and advice. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more recipes.

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