DIY hair straightening serum

DIY hair straightening serum

Most of the people out there are having naturally curly hair. They are done having curled hair for a longer period of time and now they are off to have some change in their hair appearance. They have to pay hefty amounts to have the hair of their desires. But I have brought a very fascinating DIY remedy that will keep your hair all straight. This straightening serum is a lot better than the market products. This is not going to harm in any way to your hair or the scalp.


  • 10 ml of argan oil
  • 2 capsules of vitamin E oil
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Distilled water 100 ml

100 ml of distilled water. If it’s not available you can simply make this at home. Take some water in a pan and let it bowl by covering it with a lid. Some water will gather inside the lid. Collect this water in a cup. This is time-consuming but worth the results it’s going to give you. If you find it difficult then you can also use rose water.

  • Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Make sure you use aloe vera gel according to the consistency of the mixture you want. This will not affect the potency of the serum.

The serum is a hair care solution that can be used to either treat or give your hair a quick boost. Unlike traditional oils, it stays on the surface of the cuticles and works as a great styling tool for people who want straighter, softer, smoother, and shinier strands.

This also helps reduce frizz and gives you control over tangles in your locks. The serum is the secret to beautiful locks of hair, providing a great boost in straight and shine. 

Apply this straightening serum to damp hair. Let the hair air.  You will eventually feel bounciness in your hair in addition to the straightened hair. So, this is how easily you can have straight hair by using this serum. Use this serum and let us know about the results you have in the comment section.

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