Deep conditioning of hair – A fine alternative to protein or keratin treatment

Deep conditioning of hair – A fine alternative to protein or keratin treatment

Are you done doing hair treatment or keratin treatment? Then stop doing that and stop wasting your money. There are no such fancy things in such kinds of treatments. You can also do it with deep conditioning of hair in your home trust me. All you need is just a good quality conditioner. The phenomenon behind keratin or protein treatment is the proper usage of the conditioner. A lot of people do not know the proper usage of the conditioner that’s why they end up going to salons and paying a lot of money.

So, let’s move on to the procedure.


  • Conditioner of your choice
  • ribbon band
  • shower cap
  • hairbrush

Procedure for deep conditioning of hair:

  1. Damp your hair with water, and comb it so that there are no tangles of hair.
  2. Then take a bowl and add 5 tbs of conditioner.
  3. Apply it to the lengths of the hair, and avoid using it on the roots.
  4. Then evenly brush your hair from the scalp to the tips of the hair.
  5. Keep doing it, until all the conditioner is set in the hair.
  6. Now make a bund and apply the shower cap.
  7. Keep it for like 1 hour.
  8. Then wash your hair with shampoo.
  9. Air dry your hair and flaunt it.

Why deep conditioning of hair is important

Deep conditioning of hair is an important factor in maintaining healthy hair. It helps to restore the natural oils and moisture that are lost over time, which can lead to dry scalp, fizziness, and split ends. Deep conditioning is also beneficial for personality because it makes hair look shiny and healthy. Finally, deep conditioning can be done at home using ingredients and procedures suggested in this article, so it’s convenient for everyone! If you want to keep your locks looking their best, regular deep conditioning is a must-do!

Do you have any questions about this deep conditioning of hair? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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