How to revert collagen loss by the time of your age

How to revert collagen loss by the time of your age

As you grow old, your skin becomes dull and you experience a lot of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. This is because of the deficiency of the collagen protein in your body. Babies have the highest amount of collagen protein in their bodies; hence their skin is soft and pulpy. If you want to bring back the collagen level in your body, you need to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Collagen is an amino acidic protein, which behaves as connective tissue in the skin. It is responsible for the renewal of skin cells and also regulates the cell’s life cycle.

Collagen protein is found in the skin, bones, muscles, and tendons. It helps to provide support and structure to these tissues. Collagen protein can also be found in some supplements and foods, such as Gelatin. Collagen protein is sometimes used to help improve joint health, skin health, and muscle mass.

Healthy diet can revert your collagen protein

A healthy diet can help revert the collagen level in your body. Cut short the use of refined sugar and carbohydrate intake. As sugar harms the collagen level. Try using whole foods like berries, carrots, and oranges. Intake of carbs should be optimal; in such a way you may not become deficient in the vitamins and nutrients.


The development of the muscle helps stimulate collagen production. If we do not make use of our muscles, then our skin becomes sagged and wrinkled. For this purpose, you should do daily facial exercises. This will not only help out collagen production but also give you fine shape and glow on your skin. Facial massage increases blood circulation which in turn brings s glow to the face and tightens your facial skin.


Sometimes, it’s hard to revert the collagen fibber in your body. Because they are unable to maintain their healthy diet plan. Vitamin A is the alternative that can help to increase your skin’s collagen production. Retinol is the derivative of vitamin E which helps effectively the n stimulation of collagen synthesis. Retinol is an exfoliant and it is prone to sunburn, so if you are using retinol vitamin A, then make sure you use sunscreen while going out.

To wrap-up

Healthy diet has shown to be effective in reversing collagen protein loss with age. Exercise has also been shown to be beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and muscles. Finally, there are many alternatives available that offer health benefits when used in place of processed foods and other unhealthy habits. Taking these steps can help maintain a healthy body and reverse the damage done by aging. Thank you for reading!

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