9 most surprising benefits of alum for face, skin, and body

9 most surprising benefits of alum for face, skin, and body

Alum is also known as ‘pathkhari’ in Urdu. Its chemical name is Potash Alum. It comes in two colors. Red and whites. The white one is mostly used by people. It helps stops the blade cut from bleeding instantly. I’m going to share eight amazing benefits of alum below.

Tips 1:

Take potash alum and heat it over a pan. It will start melting and when it is completely melted, switch off the flame and it will again come back to its solid state. Put this in a grinder and grind it. Now you can use this powdered form of alum in so many remedies.

Tip 2:

Alum is very helpful in restricting facial growth. Because it ceases the hair follicle to grow hair instantly. You can use it by mixing it in rose water and right after threading or face waxing. Apply this water alum to your face with the help of a cotton ball.

Tip 3:

It also helps treat the sunburned skin in summer because of direct exposure to sun rays. Take ½ tbs of alum and aloe vera gel. Let this mixture cool in the refrigerator. Apply this on your face where sunburns are. Leave it for 15-20 mins and then wash it off. You will instantly feel the results. 

Tip 4:

Alum is also very helpful for reducing sweat smell. Take a small piece of alum, damp it with water and rub it in your underarms. This will reduce sweat or perspiration.

Tips 5:

Cures tooth pain or mouth odor by the use of alum. Take ½ tsp of alum powder in a glass and add water. And rinse your mouth with this water. this will instantly remove smell or tooth pain.

Tip 6:

Shrink open pores of your skin with alum. Again take ½ tbs of alum in water and apply it to your pores with cotton balls. Don’t use alum on your face on a daily basis. Use once a week.

Tip 7:

Lift skin and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Wet your face and alum piece and rub it on your whole face for 10 mins.

Tip 8:

Cure injury with alum. Simply dip alum in water and apply this water to the injury. Leave it there and the injury will start healing.

Tip 9:

Treat cracked heel with alum. Take ½ tbs of alum powder into a bowl. Now add Vaseline or any petroleum jelly. Apply it to your cracked heels.

Side effects:

  1. Always avoid eye contact
  2. Never use it blindly or daily on your face. It will darken your skin if you use it daily.

Never use it on your scalp. It dries the scalp.

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